Harmonized systems

Listening to your needs, we developed a purpose built suite of innovative instruments, assays, informatics and automation solutions with the specific purpose of creating value for your laboratory operations.

*The ACCELERATOR a3600 is an automated system that can be used in the lab for pre- and post analytical sample processing.

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Purpose-built for blood and plasma screening, this transformational innovation empowers blood and plasma services to simultaneously protect the global supply of safe blood and plasma products and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Purpose-built greater capacity, flexibility and confidence

Alinity s allows the laboratory staff to process more samples with less effort, greater consistency and control. This leads to more efficient resource utilization and a more productive blood and plasma screening process.

  • High volume workload in a minimal footprint
  • Simple and intuitive interactions
  • Extended walkaway time with continuous access
  • Extended GMP and process controls


Intended Use: The Alinity s System is intended for In Vitro diagnostic use only. The Alinity s System is a high‐throughput, fully‐automated immunoassay analyzer designed to determine the presence of specific antigens and antibodies by using chemiluminescent immunoassay technology. The system is intended to perform high throughput routine and priority processing while allowing continuous access and automated retesting. The Alinity s System is intended to produce donor specific and other routine specimen results based on the available menu. It is intended to be used in donor screening, plasma and plasmapheresis screening, and organ donor centers, hospitals, and reference laboratories.

Important Usage and Safety Information: Use the system only according to its designed purpose. Operators must be trained before operating the system. Failure to comply with safe‐use instructions may cause personal injury, harm the environment, damage the system, or adversely affect test results.

Refer to the operations manual or user guide for Warnings, Precautions and Limitations for proper use of the instrument: www.transfusion.abbott/PI.

The flexibility to adapt

The accelerator a3600 is a total laboratory automation system that provides the power and flexibility to meet the needs of the laboratory, both today and in the future.

The ACCELERATOR a3600 is an automated system that can be used in the lab for pre- and post analytical sample processing.

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Flexibility bgd image
Flexibility bgd image

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